PostHeaderIcon Hype Energy Drink Review

Hype Energy Drink Review Hype Energy Drink Review: How'd they score the domain is a good question. How'd they score on our EDB rating? is a better question. Short answer: this is good stuff. Hype's small can doesn't pack in the power; if you're looking for a stay-up-all

PostHeaderIcon Wired X344 Energy Drink

[rating:4] User Rating: [ratings id="w294"] Just do it. The power surge from X344 carries you for 12 hours. We've yet to try another energy drink that can compare. The "X344" refers to the 344 mg of caffeine that this drink packs. A helpful guide right o

PostHeaderIcon Crave Energy Drink Review

Crave Energy Drink Review Energy Drink Review of Crave: A powdered energy drink brings their own formula to the high-octane beverages industry. Mix the powder with water and you get a bright green drink with loads of smooth energy. The first thing you taste is a Kool-Aid-like

PostHeaderIcon Tab Energy Drink Review

Tab Energy Drink Review Energy Drink Review of Tab: Light, pink-colored, sweet & fun drink from Coca-Cola. Tab Energy provides a cruise-control kind of energy for about five hours. There is something nostalgic in that first sip: a candy flavor similar to strawberry or

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